Choosing Gloves For Kickboxing

Kickboxing is one of the best activities you can choose to get strong and burn fat - one hour of kickboxing can burn between 500 to 800 calories, depending on intensity. It is a fun way to beat stress while giving your body a complete workout.

Regardless of whether you’re a competitive kickboxer or a hobbyist, there is something that every kickboxer requires - a pair of kickboxing gloves. Kickboxing gloves help protect your hands, and they cushion your blows against your opponents. Therefore, they are indispensable from the perspective of safety.

Materials for Kickboxing Gloves

Kickboxing gloves are available in a variety of materials, but vinyl and leather are by far the most popular materials. Leather is the preferred material since it is sturdy and flexible. However, it is more expensive. Vinyl is cheaper but less durable and can sometimes tear and cause cuts. Some gloves have elastic bands or velcro straps to aid in wearing.

Gloves are available with either foam or gel padding. Gel padded gloves are more expensive but also more durable.

Skimping on gloves may not be a good idea, since you will be compromising on safety. If you’re serious about kickboxing, it is definitely worth investing in a quality pair of gloves. Poor quality gloves will sabotage your performance and put you at risk of injury.

Choosing the Right Gloves for Training

If you are training for a competition, you will need to get a quality pair of gloves for practice. This will depend on how exactly you are training.

Sparring with a Partner

If you are sparring in the ring, you will want to use a light pair of gloves. Heavily padded gloves can hurt your sparring partner. The gloves you wear directly impact the force of your blows, so make sure both you and your sparring partner have similar gloves; otherwise the combatant with the heavier gloves will have an unfair advantage.

If you are performing agility drills, consider investing in MMA or Mixed Martial Arts gloves. These gloves expose your fingers and thumbs while still providing adequate protection to your hands.

Training on a Punching Bag

If you are mostly going to be practicing on punching bags, you will want to get a heavier pair of gloves. Actual kickboxing matches have the combatants wearing light gloves.Training with heavy gloves will improve your agility and strength in a real match, since you will be used to punching with heavier gloves.

The gloves need to have a greater level of padding in the front in order to protect your knuckles from the shock of the impact with the bag.

There are kickboxing gloves on the market specially designed for practice with punching bags; you may wish to get one of those instead of a standard pair of kickboxing gloves for training.

Which Kickboxing Gloves are Right for You?

The best kickboxing gloves for you are the ones that fulfill your specific requirements. Are you a competitive kickboxer? Tournaments commonly ask participants to wear the gloves of a certain make or weight. Your own personal preference for materials and physical traits should also play a role in what gloves you select.

Even if you practicing kickboxing for recreational, or fitness purposes, it is worth investing time in picking out the perfect pair of gloves for you. Poorly chosen gloves can affect your agility and power. The last thing you want is to be hindered by your safety equipment.

While choosing gloves for kickboxing, it is best to visit and actual store and try out the gloves. Put the gloves on and throw a few practice punches. Note how heavy the gloves are and whether they hinder movement. Ensure that the gloves fit properly and are not overly tight at the wrist and thumbs.

Your body weight is another factor you need to keep in mind while choosing kickboxing gloves. Individuals who weigh more will generally require larger gloves. Even if your hands are small, it is still recommended that you train using a moderately heavy but well fitted pair of gloves. This is because if you use very light gloves to train, you may be at a disadvantage if you are required to wear heavier gloves at a competition. You may find that your hits suddenly pack less of a punch.

Finally, look into getting a glove from a reputed brand to make sure you get a quality product. Some popular brands that make kickboxing gloves include Reyes, Everlast, Windy, Hayabusa, Century, TapOut and Fairtex.

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