Simple Kickboxing Workouts

Kickboxing is a type of martial art that constitutes of the boxing punches and the karate kicks which is usually done with the bare leg. Kickboxing is used for self-defense and it as well serves as a type of sport on its own.

Below are some of the examples of kickboxing workouts, equipment and their usage:

Speed Bag and Shuffle:

You are required to stay balanced and light on your feet as you perform this boxing drill. First, you stand on your feet with your hips width apart. After which you then bring your arms up, right in front of your chest, making a fist with your hands and your elbows elongated sideways. Then you shuffle from side to side, cycling your arms vigorously around with each other as you hit the speed bag. You can use a speed bag that you have placed right up in front of you or better still, an imaginary speed bag provided you don’t have any real one.

Jab, Cross, Squat, Jump and Switch:

You can either carry out this training drill by using an imaginary or a real body opponent bag. Whether your opponent is either real or imaginary, you aim is to try and attack and also to dodge your opponent using the combination of the various punching techniques. You begin this workout by standing with your right foot in front and your arms in a defense guard position. Throw a right jab with your right hand fist forward, and a left cross which is achieved with your left fist punch pointing forward, rotating your left hip alongside with the punch, and then bringing back your arms to the defense guard position. Immediately, go into a squatting position and then jump up while rotating in the air at an angle of 180 degrees, and finally landing with your left foot in front. Quickly repeat this process and then you can change sides after every one minute rest.

Jumping Rope:

The jumping rope is another great workout for the kickboxers and this drill can actually be carried out using a jumping rope as the equipment or even just a mere imaginary jumping rope in case you don’t have any real one. You commence this exercise by holding the rope, and skipping by alternating a front heel tap whilst making your arms to go in a circular motion. Perform this exercise as fast as you can for about 30 seconds and do several repetitions of this exercise as much as you can.

Horse Stance to Push-up and Pop up:

This kickboxing workout is a type of cardio exercise which when performed raises up the heart beating rate. You begin this training with your body in a horse stance, with your feet wider apart more than your hips width apart. Ensure your knees are bent with your toes pointing outwards at an angle of 45 degrees. Use your arms to form a defense guide with your shoulders kept right under your hips. Thereafter, bend your hips, placing your hands on the ground below your shoulders. Immediately, jump with both of your feet high off the ground and on landing do an immediate push-up and jump back into the position where your hand is on the ground. Lastly go back to the horse stance. Repeat this exercise as much as you can for about a minute.

Switching Roundhouse:

This is a type of kickboxing workout that is performed while standing with your two feet closely fitted together, and ensuring that your arms are in the guard position. Then you bend your left knee and then you draw your heel into your body, elongating you right heel outward, then you immediately whip turn your left leg to the side, stretching your foot pointed outwards. Then you bend your behind and step on the ground in other to switch to the other leg. Repeat this technique as many as you can for about 45 seconds after which you can take a rest. And you can do about 4-5 reps.

Hook Kick:

This kickboxing workout is quite intensive and it requires one to be having a good balance to be able to perform it. It is very effective for the building of a strong core abs. It is performed by a person taking a fighting stance position, with the right foot stretched and the arms in a guard position. Then the left foot is being stepped into the right heel, moving forward the left heel in a circular motion. After that you move the right knee upwards towards the chest, flexing the foot.

Thereafter, you stretch out your right leg diagonally like you are trying to kick an opponent at the side of the head with your heel. Try to make a semi-circle with your foot as you bend your knees and draw your heel back to its original position towards the hip, placing your right foot back to its original position. Repeat this process for about 3 times with about 8 reps per each side.

Forward Leg Extension:

To perform this kickboxing drill, you would take a fighting stance with your left foot in front, your arms taking a guard defense position and your knees being bent slightly with your abs well tightened. With your arms taking a guard position, stretch forward your right leg in an upward direction, and making sure that you are leaning your torso slightly behind as your leg elongates right in front of your chest with the toes pointed out as well. Then you go back to the starting position. Repeat for each side up to 8 times for about 3 sets.

Crescent Kick:

This workout is performed by you ensuring that you have taken a fighting stance with your left foot in front, making sure your arms are in the defense guard position, and your knees being bent slightly with your abs tightened up. Then sweep up the right leg in an upward manner to the left. Ensuring that the sweeping up of the right leg takes an arc form which is also known as the crescent technique with your foot going from the left to the right with your toes pointing outwards. After this, you can return to the starting position and you can repeat for each side up 8 times for about 3 sets.

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