Top Kickboxing Gear Brands

Kickboxing is an aggressive art which links to martial arts. Now a days kickboxing is a sport participated by both men and women in order to work out for their cardiovascular and for self defense. It has gained attention through weight loss programs and aerobic s video. Kickboxing has a various equipment in order to guide and protect the body from injuries. Comfortable clothing, gloves, bandage, headguard, teeth protector, groin protector, chest protection, skin and hair.

For kickboxing equipment represent the best fight gear on the market from the world’s top brands such as Revgear, Boon, Fairtex, Adidas, Cleto Reyes and Sandee Thai boxing. In this sport it is not only cheap to buy twice then it is very risk of injuries with poorly mad equipment. Kickboxing equipments are more necessary for the players ,this plays the role in the game of winning or losing. For any player safety is primary. For this type of games right brand is needed in order to win the game

Rev Gear

In 1995, Reavlin who was an accountant with a martial arts hobby and he always vital to have his own company. He was taking training with the instructors in Krav Maga and they were frustrated to have equipment where it was not working and they couldn’t complete their training so, he set out to design equipment that could withstand a lot of punishment and that could be used for many different drills. He started to have prototypes made on the side while he worked full time until he was ready to devote 100% to Rev gear. At the beginning he often drove door to door at martial arts schools to sell the 5 products he had – many times with heavy bags hanging out of mustang convertible.

Rev gear is different from others for its design and build high end gear ,it meet with a very high standard quality. .


Boon is the fastest raising company in Thailand. It is built with quality in mind, focuses on performance the company prides for their hand wearing equipments that used all over the country of Muay Thai. .


Since 1971 Fairtex has been delivering puches,kicks,knees,elbows and sweeps. It was founded by Philip Wong, who practiced muay Thai as a hobby. It stood as a no. 1 brand in the Thailand. Fairtex was known for its commitment to quality, their products were meticulously engineered and crafted. As the Fairtex camp began producing champion fighters, Mr. Wong became a Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Promoter. Many people don’tt know that Mr. Wong helped bring international fighters to Lumpinee. Such fighters included Don the Dragon Wilson, Ramon Decker, Ivan Hippolyte, and Jongsanan "The Wooden man" Fairtex. . Fairtex Bangplee Muay Thai Camp was one of the first camps in Thailand to allow foreigners and women to train Muay Thai. Mr. Wong was not pleased with only having Muay Thai in Thailand, he wanted to bring Muay Thai to the USA. Mr. Wong established Muay Thai camps in Arizona and California in the 1990's. Today Fairtex products can be found throughout the world and are regarded as the best products on the market. .


Adidas provides the best boxing equipment, it is known for its variety of equipment. There was hundreds of variety for the player safety. It has a worldwide demand for variety of products. They are Adibac22 upper cut angle bag maya, belly pad, economy focus mitt, sauna suit, accelerator jump rope etc.

Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes boxing gear is the most famous boxing brand on the Earth, it was made in México. It was known for its quality and performance. They use high quality leather and inspired design. This might be more expensive then competitors but quality matters the brand. A range of shorts, vests and more balance the range of gloves and are immense look as well as comfortable, and suitable for training both boxing and general fitness. Fairly only the best boxing gear they stock and a Cleto Reyes boxing gloves will by no means fails the players. Fightstorepro are a registered dealer of Cleto Reyes UK as well as regional distributor in the North East of England. cleto is known for its customer satisfaction. They know their customer well. They want their customer to win the game and also they want the player to be safe by using their equipments

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